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Caring For You Is What We Do...And We Do It Extraordinarily Well.

At Care Advocate of Illinois, Inc. your safety is ensured while your health is kept in check. We believe that bringing quality home care is where healing starts and ends. You can experience this when you become one of our privileged clients.

The whole idea of home care is to bring care services to your home. What used to only be available in institutionalized settings can now be safely and professionally administered in your own residence.

Our agency believes that we can make your home the perfect place to retire, recover and rehabilitate.

Who we care for...

We take care of individuals who are left at home while their family members go to work and school. To them, we provide companionship and personal care. For elderly clients, we have personal care assistants who are trained in geriatric care.

We also provide personal care to clients who are home-bound, bed-bound or wheelchair-bound. We apply a personalized approach to in-home care by matching your needs with our services.

In our commitment to bring your reliable care, we offer a care needs assessment which you or your loved one can avail of. This assessment will help us determine the best care program or set of care programs to fit your home care needs at home.

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